Recently we did a poll asking you who you thought had the best mascot at our four local high schools here in the capital city. Here are the results on how you voted.

  1. South High School - The Bison is hot to trot here in Cheyenne. Voters showed that this was their number one favorite mascot. 60 percent of the vote went to the Bison.
  2. East High School - The Thunderbird's come soaring into the Cheyenne area with 25.8 percent of the votes cast. Go East!
  3. Central High School - The Indians find themselves in third, according to the poll, with 12.37 percent.
  4. Triumph High School - This wonderful school that has been a blessing to many of our students in Laramie County, however the Spartans came in with 1.77% of the vote.

Thanks for voting for your favorite mascot. Feel free to share what your high school mascot with us here.