Mountain Lions, Wolves and Bears OH MY! That may sound like a line from 'Wizard of Oz' but all three can be found here in Wyoming, along with over 100 more of their warm blooded wild mammal friends.

Wyoming is known for many things that are appealing to so many across the country and world like Fly Fishing in the North Platte River, Casper Mountain, Yellowstone, The Rocky Mountains, Rodeos, The Big Horn Mountains, Devils Tower, Freedom Rock and of course you wouldn't have hunting without a mix of some of the biggest and best wildlife in the country.

The Cowboy State is almost 100,000 square miles of land and averages only about 1 person every 110-113 acres. That of course means there is room for the wildlife to roam. According to Travel, there are more than 100 mammal that call the 'Equality State' home. Of course most of the big game (Moose, Bear, Elk and Mountain Lion) are found in the National Parks, National Forests and other protected lands. So to see most of them, you'll need to take an extremely scenic and exciting drive.

The size of the top mammals in Wyoming range from the Grizzly Bear that can reach up to 8 feet standing, to the tiny 2 inch harvest mouse. No matter the size, each one of them play such a pivotal role in the ecosystem here in Wyoming.

You don't realize how many actual mammals are here, because of the large amount of species families. For example, there are 7 types of Hares & Rabbits, 16 types of squirrels (prairie dogs, chipmunks, marmots are all in the squirrel family) and 18 types of bats. Saying Wyoming has a large number of mammals is an understatement for sure. To find out more about the Wildlife in Wyoming, Wyoming Game & Fish has information for you.

We've put together a list of the 25 top Wyoming Mammals.

Top 25 Wild Mammals That Call Wyoming Home

Wyoming is home to well over 100 mammal species.

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