K9s 4 Mobility is holding a Derby Party Fundraiser on May 4 in Cheyenne. There will be music from the band Southern Fryed's and a viewing of the Kentucky Derby. All while having adult refreshments! They say to wear your best clothes and don't forget your hat ladies. This is an over 21 years of age and fundraising event.

K9s 4 Mobility train guide dogs for people who are blind or have a visual disability. To be accepted into the guide dog program, the person must have had a guide dog previously. The person must also have good orientation and be able to actively work the dog on a daily basis. The guide dog will assist the person as they travel outside of their home by identifying curbs, obstacles, and overhangs. This dog works on voice commands to also find doors, counters, vehicles, and people.

Anyone receiving an Assistance Dog from K9s 4 Mobility must complete the application, interview, and home visit before training will begin. Dogs will only be placed in homes that can provide for their financial, mental, and physical needs. A fenced in yard for exercise is required and a crate for the dog to have a safe place of their own. Other animals can be in the home but they must be healthy, friendly, and not interfere with the training process.

K9s 4 Mobility is not able to train dogs to assist someone who has Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, Autism, Diabetes, a hearing disability, Parkinson’s, PTSD or Seizures. They do not train companion, therapy or emotional support dogs.

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