A former Laramie County Commissioner and a local realtor who ran a Facebook page dedicated to defeating him in the 2016 election both filed to run for the county commission on Thursday.

M. Lee Hasenauer is a tea party activist who was elected to the commission in 2012 and then defeated in his 2014 re-election bid. He lost again in 2016.

In that race, Cheyenne realtor Gunnar Malm, who was not a candidate, put up a facebook page called "Citizens Against M. Lee Hasenauer," which featured internet and facebook comments allegedly written by Hasenauer.

The page highlighted what Malm believed to be Hasenauer's extreme right-wing views on such topics as an alleged United Nations conspiracy to take over the world known as "Agenda 21."

Supporters of the page said it gave voters valuable information on Hasenauer using the candidate's own words. Hasenauer's supporters considered the page a collection of hateful personal attacks that had little to do with campaign issues.

The page has since been shuttered and can no longer be seen on Facebook.

Both Hasenauer and Malm are running as Republicans. Incumbent Republican Commissioner Linda Heath also filed to run for another term yesterday.

Thursday was the first day for candidates to file to run in Wyoming's Aug. 21 primary election.

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