Some say that the sorriest job in the world is looking for one. I would say that in every line of work there is some sort of safety hazard that could harm a Wyoming worker.

In a state like Wyoming, there is a lot of hard, out door work and we face some pretty dangerous situations just to make a buck.

On this Labor Day, not only do we salute the hard working men and women that make our state run, but also some of those jobs that put them in danger every day.

  1. Ranching – When you’re dealing with hills, terrain and livestock, anything can happen. It is not uncommon to hear of someone falling off of their horse to their death or sustaining a life long injury.
  2. Railroad Workers – Hot electrical wires, moving cars, pinch points and cargo are to be highly respected. One over look, and it could be over for you.
  3. Welder – Inhalation of zinc oxide, which is used in metal fabrications, can cause metal fume fever. Metal fume fever can cause chills, nausea, cough and fatigue. Humans were created to breath air, not metal fumes.
  4. Oil Drilling – If you don’t pay attention around a lot of that heavy drilling equipment, you could lose a limb, be crushed or even die. Be very careful around oil rigs. Mining is very dangerous too.
  5. Carpenters – I doesn’t take much to fall or put a nail from a nail gun through your finger. Make sure you are tied off in high places and ensure that you use 3 points of contact when you’re not on the ground.