Above Buffalo Wyoming is where highway 25 merges with highway 90. Up through Sheridan the Bighorn Mountains rise and roll on the west of the highway making it hard for the driver to pay attention to the road for the beautifully distracting view.

Up past Sheridan Wyoming highway 14 breaks off from the interstate and offers a ride up and over the mountains. Through the tiny yet historic towns of Ranchester and Dayton, which sit in the evening shadow of the mountains, the small back highway can be see snaking its way sharply up to the top.

At the top is a parking area with a view. Wow, what a view. While sitting there with a friend a pickup truck pulled up and a couple of smiling gentlemen jumped out and joined us at the mountains edge. They were not so interested in the view, but the wind and the updrafts.

"We were wondering," one of them asked, "since there are two  of you in one vehicle, would you mind driving our pickup truck down there and parking it in that area below?" He pointed to a pull off that could be seen from the top of the mountain. We said we would be happy to help.

A crowd gathered as they assembled their kites. They waited for the summer heat to warm up the air below. That warm ground way down there provided the updrafts they would need to soar high above the mountains.

I hope you enjoy the video I shot that day. As we get close to summer I'd recommend a trip to this beautiful area. Take a picnic. You'll see a kite or two on most warm days.

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