Each region of the country seems to have its own style of celebrating Halloween. Since so much of Wyoming is cowboy, and so much is beyond rural, it is sure that a few uniquely Wyoming Halloween ideas have appeared.

Here are a few that we found.


  • 1

    Cowboy Ghost

    Not sure what to make of those modern wind turbines.

  • 2

    What The Heck Is She Saying?

    She's explaining Halloween to her family in Russia. The pumpkin carving is hard to understand. The candy is not.

  • 3

    Where To Trick Or Treat

    Most people live out in the middle of nothing. Not even in a proper neighborhood. Wyoming solves the trick or treat problem by providing downtown candy runs.

  • 4

    Wyoming Loves Candy Corn

    I love Candy Corn. Apparently, it's Wyoming's favorite candy at Halloween.

  • 5

    T-Rex Rodeo?

    If it's Halloween in Wyoming , why not?

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