The day is upon us. Time for kids to put on their best costumes and head out for the take. We all know the rules. The better to costume and the more we impress the candy givers with fear, gore, or cuteness, the more candy we get.

But it's more than just that. We have to be sure to pick the best neighborhoods and houses to get the biggest haul.

This guide is based on the Ward Map we use around election time. We will judge the neighborhoods on quality of homes, how close those homes are together, and how many of those homes are in that neighborhood.

WARD 1 - You'll want to box off the areas between 8th Avenue and Randal Avenue. Between I-25 and Central. Areas outside of that box are good but there is less take so, not worth the time. Also in Ward 1 is a small neighborhood by the airport between Warren and Evans Avenue. The tightly packed homes are great for knock and go to make the most of your time.

WARD 2 - This is North West Cheyenne. Focus on the area on the West side of I-25. That is one big neighborhood. But there are hills, and hills take time and energy to run up and down. There is an affluent neighborhood on the other side of the highway, but while there are not as many homes over there, they are more generous.

WARD 3 - The neighborhood around Airport Parkway and Pershing is a must for good middle class families who love kids. Take advantage of the cuteness factor when holding up your bag for candy and you'll get more.  East Cheyenne in Sun Valley is one place you cannot miss. There are too many homes to hit in one night and they love kids. Careful though, there is a lot of competition so get there early.

Print this out, give it to your parents, because they are driving, and good luck out there.

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