Are they just old junk rusting in our fields? Most of them will never run again. Yet we love looking at them and many of us want one rusting in our own yards.

Here is a video from Yacht Shop Creations on YouTube as he shows some love to the greatest old rusty hulks he has ever been found in Wyoming.

On the YouTube channel, he writes "Truck Treasures In Wyoming, Jim and Steve showcase some beautiful antiques trucks they came across."

Videographers love old trucks. Photographers love them, as do artist from painters to sculptors to graphite pencil artist.

A friend of mine, Tim Mandese, who is an artist, just finished a drawing of one old truck that can be found at Woods Landing in Wyoming.

Pencil Drawing By Tim Mandese Cheyenne Wyoming Truck At Woods Landing Wyoming
Photo By Tim Mandese "The Four Horsemen" Newcastle Wyoming