If you're new to Wyoming, we're quite proud of our elbow space around here. That's why it's great news that Wyoming has once again been declared as the least populated state in America.

No, this isn't surprising news. Even though Homesnacks just updated the 2021 version of their least populated states, we knew this already. We're #1 and it's not even close. Here's the map they shared.


The official population of Wyoming is 581,024. That's more than 40,000 less than Vermont which is the next least populated state. While the fact that Wyoming has the least population of any state, new trends show it may not stay that way. US News and World Report shows recent census data shows Wyoming is the #1 state more people are moving to.

You also have to factor in that we recently shared that Wyoming's outgoing population is also rising. It's an interesting dynamic to consider.

My family has found Wyoming to be welcoming, but that comes with a catch. As long as you're moving to Wyoming for the right reasons, you'll find open arms here. If you come with plans to change the culture, good luck with that.

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