A rock climber in the Tetons had little chance of surviving should they fall and get injured many decades ago, but nowadays they have a greater chance of survival thanks to Rangers in the air.

The injured adventurer would have to wait for this fellow climbers to descend and hike to the ranger station for help. The video above reminds folks that rangers would have had to hike back to the mountain, ascend, carefully pluck the climber out and lower him down, then carry him all the way back to the ranger station. Finally, an ambulance would arrive and take him to the hospital.

The entire process might have taken days like in the video scenario. Each moment that passed would lesson the climbers chance of survival.

Today, dial 911 on the cell phone and in a few minutes a helicopter will hover overhead and rescuers will lower down in a risky maneuver to save a life. The injured person will be at the hospital in no time.

Enjoy this video and come fly with the rescuers who save the lives of the daredevils who tempt fate on the solid rock face of the Grand Tetons.

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