If you were driving across Cheyenne and thought you saw some goats eating weeds in a ditch, you were not imagining things.

We need to keep our ditches and streams running smoothly. Imagine the problems that might be caused if we just let the weeds and reeds grow out of control. There are several solutions to this problem:

Spray deadly chemicals.

Pay a lot of money to city workers to get down in there and weed out the area.

Bring in a truck load of goats.

The city of Cheyenne decided to go with that last one.

"It's a win, win," said the man who owns the goats. He was willing to talk about it as he kept an eye on their progress. "My goats need food and water. The city needs the weeds and reeds gone so the water can flow."

The solution is a natural one and no one can complain about toxic chemicals or how much it costs to send a team of men to do the job. Besides, a team of men could never eat all that green as fast as the goats and the cost of all that salad dressing alone would drive the city bankrupt.

If you want to go see them the last siting of the goats was off Del Range, on Mountain Rd in Cheyenne, near Mountain Elk Ridge Apartments. Be careful. The little fence that keeps them where they are is electrified. 

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