Last Friday, the Gillette, Police Department reported that they had captured a suspect who was hiding in a tree.

According to County 17, the police said a man fled after a domestic dispute, which eventually resulted in a chase and his capture. Not to make light of a serious situation, but he was caught in a tree! 

The city of Gillette, Wyoming likes to brag that they were named a "Tree City USA." The city website even boasts of their "Forestry Division." That might be because they actually planted a few trees where once before the city had none. But a forestry division? In Gillette?

First impressions of this above-mentioned news story paints the image of a man out in the middle of a rolling prairie in Northeastern, Wyoming, gripping the pathetic top of a wind-blown stick with perhaps three leaves at the tip of its only branch. Actually, Gillette has a few more trees than that. Just a few more.


1. If his intent was to hide in a tree, how far did the suspect have to run before he found said tree?

2. Considering how much wind damage each and every tree in Northeast Wyoming has sustained, how much actual coverage would hide up in said tree provide?

3. Was the real intent to take the tree hostage? With only a few in the entire town that might have caused a panic.

4. Who is smarter, the suspect, or the tree he is hiding in?

I think we all know the answer to that last one.

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