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~~~By Donna Garner~~~

~~8.30.12 – Summary in a nutshell:

University of Texas Professor Mark Regnerus (has taught at U. T. for at least a decade) published a study in which he compared young adults reared by mother-father families.

Conclusion: The young adults reared by lesbian mothers had negative outcomes in 24 of 40 categories.  Those reared by gay fathers had negative outcomes in 19 categories …

“Children appear most apt to succeed well as adults when they spend their entire childhood with their married mother and father, and especially when the parents remain married to the present day.”

A freelance writer in New York City who writes a lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (LGBT) blog colluded with LGBT-friendly UT professors who came after Regnerus with bogus and slanderous attacks that pressured an investigation of Regnerus’ work.

That is always what the LGBT community does when the truth comes out about their very unhealthy physical, psychological, and emotional lifestyle. They, who have elevated the issue of bullying to such an extreme, are the biggest bullies in America because whenever anyone tries to warn our country about the adverse consequences of the LGBT lifestyle, that person is vilified, demeaned, and unmercifully “bullied.”




Newly published just this week by Alliance Defending Freedom is a resource entitled “Anti-Bullying Policy Yardstick” which can be found at:  http://www.adfmedia.org/files/AntiBullyingYardstick.pdf

This document provides schools with policies that will ensure that all students (not just homosexuals) are protected from bullying by providing precise definitions of bullying that will regulate bullying conduct.  The document also helps to protect all students’ First Amendment rights.

This resource “focuses on the acts or words said by the alleged bully rather than the intent or motives behind the actions.”  The document explains that a good policy includes “precise definitions” and is not “overly vague.” Bad policies use overbroad and subjective terms such as “emotional distress,” “offensive,” “annoying, “uncomfortable” which are based almost totally upon the perception of the “victim” rather than upon upon how the victim may “feel” but may not be based upon actual words or actions.


Thankfully UT hired an independent consultant to investigate Regnerus’ work and found no professional misconduct whatsoever.  Regnerus’ study stands as published.

To read more details about Regnerus’ “gold standard” study, here are relevant articles:

8.29.12 – “UT Finds No Scientific Misconduct in Study on Gay Parenting” – Austin American-Statesman -- http://www.statesman.com/news/local/ut-finds-no-scientific-misconduct-in-study-on-2445867.html

Excerpts from this article:

A University of Texas faculty member did not commit scientific misconduct in connection with his study that raised doubts about gay parenting, the university has concluded.

As a result, no formal investigation of allegations against Mark Regnerus, an associate professor of sociology, is warranted, UT announced Wednesday.

"I think it's a just and wise decision, and I'm certainly pleased with it," Regnerus told the American-Statesman in an email. "It was a thorough and fair process, and conducted professionally."

Regnerus found that the adult children of gay parents reported significantly different, and often worse, life experiences than the children of married, heterosexual biological parents…

After consulting with a four-member advisory panel of senior UT faculty members, Peterson found no falsification of data, plagiarism or other serious ethical breaches constituting scientific misconduct…

UT hired Alan Price, a private consultant, to monitor the inquiry.

Price, a former chief research fraud investigator for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, wrote that the matter was handled "consistent with the University policy and procedures for scientific misconduct" and "consistent with federal regulatory requirements of inquiries into research misconduct."


8.9.12 – “Flap Over Study on Gay Parenting Raises Questions About Private Funding for Research” – Austin American-Statesman -- http://www.statesman.com/news/local/flap-over-study-on-gay-parenting-raises-questions-2432410.html


7.27.12 – “UT Research Paper Should Not Have Been Published, Audit Finds” – Austin American-Statesman -- http://www.statesman.com/blogs/content/shared-gen/blogs/austin/highereducation/entries/2012/07/27/ut_researchers_paper_should_no.html




“Children of G… Parents Suffer:  Complaint Filed at U. T. About Professor’s Study”

by Donna Garner


Because the University of Texas is filled with liberal professors, many of whom promote the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) lifestyle, a study conducted by associate professor of sociology, Mark Regnerus, published in the journal Social Science Research (June 2012) has now come under attack. ( 7.11.12 – “UT Investigates Professor’s Study on Children with Gay Parents” – Austin American-Statesman --   http://www.statesman.com/news/local/ut-investigates-professors-study-on-children-with-gay-2415276.html ).

Five U. T. faculty members and a New York City freelance author (Scott Rosensweig), who writes an LGBT blog, have filed a complaint with U. T. President Bill Powers. The University has 60 days to conduct the inquiry.

FACTS:  Mark Regnerus conducted “gold standard” research in which he used a data set of nearly 3,000 randomly selected American young adults raised by gay parents vs. those raised by mother-father parents. He looked at the young adults’ lives and compared them on 40 measures of social, emotional, and relationship outcomes.

CONCLUSION: When Regnerus compared young adults reared by mother-father families, the young adults reared by lesbian mothers had negative outcomes in 24 of 40 categories.  Those reared by gay fathers had negative outcomes in 19 categories … “Children appear most apt to succeed well as adults when they spend their entire childhood with their married mother and father, and especially when the parents remain married to the present day.”

Regnerus has defended his study by saying, “This academic team merged scholars across disciplines and ideological lines in a spirit of civility and reasoned inquiry, and the protocol developed by this team was subsequently approved by the University of Texas' Institutional Review Board…Normal procedures were followed for obtaining outside support, as many researchers do.”


To read more about Professor Regnerus’ study, please go to:

6.12.12 – “Study Finds Host of Challenges for Kids of Gay Parents” – by Dr. Keith Ablow, FoxNews.com -- http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/06/12/study-finds-host-challenges-for-kids-gay-parents/?intcmp=features#ixzz1xadNd0OQ


6.10.12, “Study Suggests Risks from Same-Sex Parenting” by Cheryl Wetzstein --- Washington Times -- http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/jun/10/study-suggests-risks-from-same-sex-parenting/


6.11.12 – “Study: Children of Parents in Same-Sex Relationships Face Greater Risks” – Citizen Link --  http://www.citizenlink.com/2012/06/11/study-children-of-parents-in-same-sex-relationships-face-greater-risks/


6.11.12 -- “Research: Risks from Same-Sex Parenting” – by Donna Garner

Donna Garner

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