10:13 P.M. UPDATE:

Laramie police say some severe flooding has subsided, but travelers should use caution as the storm persists.

9:28 P.M. UPDATE:

Laramie police say the funnel clouds seem to have dissipated, however, severe flooding still exists in the areas of 3rd Street, 4th Street, Canby Street, Ord Street, Park Street, Baker Street, and South 17th Street.

Police say manhole covers have also been blown out in multiple locations in the city, causing danger to drivers and pedestrians.

Police are asking residents to continue to shelter in place.


The Laramie Police Department is asking residents to avoid 3rd Street and shelter in place until further notice.

"There are substantiated reports of funnel clouds within city limits," the department said in an 8:48 p.m. Facebook post.

"There are also substantiated reports of severe flooding and standing water on major arteries in Laramie in excess of 2 feet deep," the department added.

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