At least once a week, it seems, we have another Wyoming animal attack headline. After reading a few of these I began to notice a bias. Why does it always say the animal attacked? That makes it sound like the animal is at fault.

Let's rewrite some of these headlines to make them more realistic and closer to what really happened.

HEADLINE - Prairie Dogs Attack In Wyoming. TRANSLATION - Tourist refuse to heed prairie dog's chattering warnings to stay off their front porch. Tourist gets deserved butt whoopin'.

HEADLINE - Man Survives Attack by 3 Bears. TRANSLATION - Man breaks into bear home, sleeps in all their beds, eats their food. Papa Bear applies well deserved butt whoopin'.

HEADLINE - Yellowstone Park Officials Try To Sort Out Spike In Bison Attacks.  TRANSLATION - Yellowstone Park Officials Trying To Convince Tourist Not To Be So Stupid. Bison are fed up. Bison say butt whoopin's will continue until tourist wise up.

There, that's better. If we are going to report these stories we should be fair to the true victims here, the animals.


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