As the USS Cheyenne travels toward South Korea, we take a look at it and the other ships to carry the name Cheyenne

USS Cheyenne is the last Los Angeles-class submarine to be built. She first touched water on April 16, 1995 and was christened by Mrs. Ann Simpson, wife of Wyoming Senator Alan K. Simpson.

The Cheyenne is currently based out of Hawaii. Cheyenne was used as a trial platform for the first flat-screen, interoperative sonar displays.

According to a KGAB listener, there is a piece of artwork, cut in half, with one-half hanging in Cheyenne Wyoming, and the other half is displayed on the sub. Each year the commanding crew of the sub pay a visit to Cheyenne and appear in our Frontiers Days parade.

She also stars in a Tom Clancy novel and movie. In Clancy’s novel “SSN,” the Cheyenne battles China’s People’s Liberation Army warships in the disputed Spratlys.

The USS Cheyenne is not the only one to carry the cities name. There have been six.

USS Cheyenne (1898) was a tugboat in use during July and August 1898.
USS Cheyenne (BM-10) was originally the Arkansas-class monitor Wyoming, renamed in 1909 to make the name Wyoming available for the battleship USS Wyoming (BB-32).
USS Cheyenne (CL-86) was a Cleveland-class light cruiser, renamed USS Vicksburg a year before she was launched in 1942.
USS Cheyenne (CL-117) was a planned Fargo-class light cruiser, but construction was canceled on 12 August 1945.
USNS Cheyenne (T-AG-174) was a Phoenix-class miscellaneous auxiliary, launched 26 June 1945 and struck 15 June 1973.
USS Cheyenne (SSN-773) is a Los Angeles-class nuclear attack submarine, commissioned in 1996 and in active service.

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