Back in 2011, author Dan Lewis released Part 2 of his guide to Wyoming dirt roads. 8,000 Miles Of Dirt is still for sale on Amazon for those who like holding actual paper and ink.

But now it is available for free, online at

8,000 Miles of DIRT has 140 of Wyoming's scenic country dusty gravel kicking byways of get-yourself-out-there adventure. To help prevent people from getting lost and to help people find points of interest, there are 120 photographs and 140 maps detailing each trip.

According to the online description, people can use 8,000 Miles of DIRT if they are a Wyoming Native, Photographer, Bushwhacker, Rock hound, Tourist, Picnicker, Sunday driver, Mountain biker, Camper, Explorer, Naturalist, Bird watcher, Sightseer, Hunter, or Angler.

The guide provides every little detail to keep even the drivers from missing anything if they are preoccupied looking at rivers - streams - lakes - buttes - basins - springs - valleys - canyons - mountains - peaks - crossings - ridges - rims - flats - bluffs - hills - draws - gaps - divides - trails - passes - sand dunes - petroglyphs - campgrounds - overlooks - state parks - historical sites - national forests - wildlife refuges. Whatever it is, you'll find them.

You'll need the table of contents to start. That breaks Wyoming down into sections to make finding your adventure a little easier.

Section Map: Wyoming

Section 1: The Southeast

Section 2: The Laramie Range

Section 3: The Snowy Range

Section 4: The South-central

Section 5: The North Red Desert

Section 6: The South Red Desert

Section 7: The Southwest

Section 8: The West

Section 9: The Northwest

Section 10: The Big Horns

Section 11: The Powder River Basin

Section 12: The Northeast

Learn the back roads like the locals who live out there. That way you can ask them, ' Why the heck to you live way out here?'

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