There are some jobs that are unique to Wyoming. You will only find them here. But there are some jobs you will never find in Wyoming. Ever.

1. Dolphin Trainer
Let's face it, Wyoming will never have a need for one. Oh, sure a few million years ago what we now call the Gulf of Mexico stretched all the way up to Wyoming. Sure maybe dolphins played up here around then. I don't think we can say there was much in the way of tourism back in those days. So, no Sea World to watch dolphin tricks.

2. Professional Mermaid
In case you wondered, professional mermaid exist. Weeki Watchee Springs, Florida actually has them. I knew one when I was a kid growing up on Sanibel Island Florida. That is actually a profession. I just can't imagine that Wyoming would ever have need of one. But the video below does show some have made their way to Montana. A guy can dream though, can't he?

3. Elvis Minister 
What do you think I'm kidding here? Check the want ads in Las Vegas. They actually advertise for them. Once again, a guy can dream, can't he? Wyoming needs a little church where people can get married by an Elvis Minister. But, alas, Wyoming will never have one.

4. Major League Baseball Coach
For that matter, major lead football coach, hockey, soccer, any major league coach or player will never find a want ad from Wyoming. What a shame.

Bonus: Chicken Renter
WAIT! Sorry, Wyoming does that have that. I'm not kidding. Check it out because you may need one this summer.

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