The Fort Collins City Council is moving forward to put a plastic bag ban on the ballot in April that, if voted for, will ban the use of plastic bags within the city of Fort Collins by May 2022.

According to the Coloradoan, the city has contemplated taking steps towards this since 2013, but this is the closest that they've gotten to making the ban a reality instead of just charging an infraction fee.

The ballot may also include dates for the inclusion of other retailers in addition to grocery stores and will possibly include the fees for using paper bags, which look to be between 5 and 20 cents. Those with lower incomes and people with food stamps would not have to deal with any sort of fees.

13 other communities in Colorado already have a ban or fee in place for single-use plastic bags and 8 states have the ban in place as well.

Coming from the Seattle area, we haven't had to mess with plastic bags and honestly, it's been a great thing and a LOT easier using our own canvas or reusable bags. We get a LOT more stuff in our own bags and we haven't had to unload 75 bags from the back of the car when we get home from grocery shopping.

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