Say you are at Cheyenne Frontier Days and you see something a food vendor is selling that you just have to have. It's a bit pricey, but that's okay. You salivate as they hand the treat over.

Just as you are sinking your teeth into the sinful delight the smell of big animal manure wafts under your nose and into your mouth too.

Desperate to enjoy your guilty pleasure you head off looking for a place that does not reek of animal poo. But you are at Cheyenne Frontier Days. There is no such place.

That very experience prompted me to ask the question, is there any food out there that actually goes good with the smell of big animal poop!

That answer - NOTHING! Literally NOTHING!

You can drown it it hot mustard, ketchup and horseradish sauce. Deep fry it in a spicy mix of sinus clearing anguish then drench it in hot sauce and soak it in BBQ rub and honey.

But add a steamy pile of big animal flop to the top and it just cannot be eaten.

In my humble opinion, there is some fine food at CFD that is worth sampling. Those vendors are the greatest. But anyone who tells you that they are enjoying the taste while on the CFD grounds is lying to you.

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