Police in Fort Collins say their SWAT team was able to rescue a pair of hostages who were being held by a man in a home on Saturday.

That's according to a post on the Fort Collins Police Services Facebook page. according to the post, someone called 911  at 11:20 a.m. to say that they had gotten a message from a woman who said she and another victim were being held hostage in her home.

Both victims knew the man, 38-year-old Victoriano Benavente, who was allegedly using a knife to hold them hostage.

Police went to the residence in the 1200 block of Lincoln Avenue and tried to resolve the situation. But police got a message soon after that Benavente had harmed one of the victims, so the SWAT team rushed to the scene, storming the building and rescuing the victims.

The suspect was arrested just after noon, with police allegedly recovering several knives.

The women were rushed to the hospital, and while one of them was seriously injured, both are expected to survive.

According to the post. Benavente is facing a long list of charges:

⚬ First Degree Kidnapping - injury (class 1 felony)
⚬ First Degree Kidnapping (class 2 felony)
⚬ First Degree Burglary (class 3 felony)
⚬ Second Degree Assault - 2 counts (class 4 felony)
⚬ Harassment (class 3 misdemeanor)
⚬ Unlawful Sexual Contact (class 4 felony)
⚬ Felony Menacing - 2 counts (class 5 felony)
⚬ Violation of a Protection Order (class 1 misdemeanor)
⚬ Obstruction of Phone Service - 2 counts (class 1 misdemeanor)
⚬ Use of a Controlled Substance (class 2 drug misdemeanor)
⚬ Domestic Violence

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