By now you've heard of the Flat Earth Society. The question is not, is a round Earth a hoax? The question is, are these Flat Earth people just putting us on, or are they having fun making us they they are serious?

Now Flat Earthers are looking at Devils Tower in Wyoming as proof of their theory. A giant tree stump rising out of the rolling lowlands on all sides, four hundred meters of towering igneous rock that may have formed as a volcanic plug, rising out of the ground as the sedimentary stone that surrounded it slowly eroded away. Or so they want you to think. See its intricate hexagonal columns, curving up in a way that looks almost organic. See the perfection of its sheared-flat summit. Enjoy this video that explains the Devil's tower tree question.

They still have trouble answering "The Wyoming Question" as to why the state of Wyoming, which is supposed to be square, is longer at its bottom then at the top.


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