As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Cheyenne, we might stop and try to imagine what our city will look like in another 50 years for the 200th anniversary.

There were many hysterically funny predictions of what the world was supposed to be like now.

One 1955 prediction suggested that we would all have "Nuclear powered vacuum cleaners will probably be a reality within 10 years." So said Alex Lewyt, President of the Lewyt Vacuum Cleaner Company.

How about everyone was supposed to have a flying car by now and we would have cities on Mars. Those are just a few of the things the world thought would happen by now. 

So, okay, we suck at making predictions of how the future will look. But should that stop us from making more? No. I predict that we will never learn that lesson and we will continue to invent nonsense that we think will happen but never will.

Let us take a useless look at what we think Cheyenne Wyoming will be like in the year 2067. 

We finally have Flying Cars and Flying Deisel trucks "Rolling Coal" in the skies. Conspiracy theorists will call these Coal Trails. I'm sure the city will provide us with Sky Potholes so we know that we are actually on the sky road.

Health food will dominate everywhere except for Taco John, that will somehow actually figure out a way to pack in more grease into their lovely Potato Oles. Taco John will win the franchise wars, not Taco Bell.

1. The Cheyenne City Council will be clamoring out ways to fill the "Downtown Hole." Mayor Balzack, great descendant of Richard Johnson will try to turn it into a hoverboard park.

2. The Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo will feature DNA revived Dinosaurs. There is no 8-second ride, you just try not to get eaten. PETA protests that human bones are not good for the dinosaur's teeth.

3. Cheyenne Police will announce they are "close to making an arrest" in the 2015 coin shop murders.

4. The petition to legalize medical marijuana in Wyoming will finally get enough signatures to make the ballot.

5. Cheyenne police will arrest sex bots for prostitution.

Lets put these predictions in a time capsule and see which ones come true. Wait, we will all be dead so we will never know. Never mind. 

Do you have a prediction for what Cheyenne Wyoming will look like in 2067? Add is below.

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