Are you going to see FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and if you did, what do  you think of this pop culture phenom? Some say it's great and others like the book better.

Men who see this movie, my humble opinion, which doesn't mean much, need to hand in their man card. This is not right. But you might be forced to see it and be rewarded by acting out scenes in the movie? Which might be weird enough anyway. I've been hearing about the book for a few years, mostly from twenty-something co-workers. Now the movie is here and the reviews are mixed. The Atlantic calls the movie dull and low hanging fruit. 

IMDB score is low at 3.3 out of 10. That is really low. I check out scores there all the time. Something must have gotten lost in the translation from the book to the movie. Reviews are peppered with statements like: corny dialogue, bad acting, one couple ask for their money back at the theater after one half hour and got it. You be the judge.

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