The last story we posted about smart Wyoming bears shows them opening car doors. That's a big problem for those humans who thought that they were safe inside their cars.

Do you think you are safe behind that back yard fence? Not a chance. It does not matter what the fence is made of, they know how to get over it.

Those bears are getting smarter. We humans better up our game.

Here are a few videos to prove the point.


  • 1

    Mom Teaches Cubs

    Come on kids, let me show you how to climb a tall wooden fence.

  • 2

    Wire Wildlife Fence

    This wire fence was supposed to keep the animals on the other side. This bear does not care.

  • 3

    Chain Link With Barbed Wire

    If this can't stop them we have a real problem.

  • 4

    Electric Fence

    Can't touch it? No problem.

  • 5

    Smarter Than The Average Bear

    Maybe he's not the smartest anymore.

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