In the wake of two fatal crashes, the Wyoming Department of Transportation is making safety improvements to the intersection of U.S. Highway 30 and Whitney Road.

District Engineer Tom DeHoff says they've deployed two dynamic message signs to warn people of the intersection and have added "stop bars" on Whitney Road.

​"By the end of this week, we will also install two larger stop signs at this intersection with flashing beacons," said DeHoff. "Also on U.S. 30, we'll install intersection ahead signs with flashing beacons."

​Residents in the area have also suggested WYDOT lower the speed limit on U.S. Highway 30 or put a traffic light at the intersection, but DeHoff says a safety analysis conducted last week showed the majority of drivers were driving the posted limit.

"That was very positive for us on how people are driving out there," said DeHoff.​ "That's why we have come up with these short-term fixes."

DeHoff says WYDOT will continue to monitor the safety of the intersection while the designs for two long-term projects -- A 2022 project to move the intersection of Dell Range and U.S. Highway 30 to the west about a quarter mile and a 2024 project to make U.S. Highway 30 five lanes out to the Archer bridge -- are being completed.

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