There are not many people around the world who are into the sport of Falconry. But those who are into it are dedicated.

Steve Chindgren, Ed Pitcher, Ricardo Velarde and Miguel Reyes made a trip to Wyoming with their bird. The audio is gone, which makes me think that they might have had a YouTube violation with the music they chose. But the video is beautiful.

Falconry is the art of hunting small game using a trained bird. The Wyoming Game And Fish Department in Wyoming even has a page dedicated to the art.

For those who wish to try the sport there are websites for beginners and even a Wyoming Falconers' Association. 

The Wyoming Falconer's Association website is only looking for people of moral character.  "Any interested person of good moral character who is willing to accept the provisions of the constitution and bylaws of the Wyoming Falconers' Association may become a regular or associate or life member of the Association."

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