You might have noticed this morning's Facebook crash. Did you know there is actually a website where you can check to see where Facebook is down? Try this link.

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I'm sure we will hear of panic in the streets across the nation as people are forced to actually engage the real world - face to face.


Desperate woman holding mobile phone

Well, Wyoming is doing just fine. Oh sure we here in Wyoming do the FB thing almost as much as any other state, but we still talk to each other in person, like in the old days.

You see, Wyoming has vast areas of the state where there is not a drop of cell or internet service. So we are kinda used to it.

We also live in a beautiful state where there is plenty to do and it's hard to get bored. The only people who get bored in Wyoming are the people who are not from Wyoming and have no idea how to function without their phones.

So when FB goes out in this state we just shrug our shoulders, put our phone in our pocket, and smile and say hello to everyone we pass.

If you live in any other state I hope you can make it through the next few hours without a status update. Hope you don't have to eat lunch without posting a photo of it first.

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