Wyoming snow if finally falling. Out come the sleds.

Anyone can just throw a sled on the ground and slide down a hill. But takes a real dare devil to get into the sport of Extreme Snow Sledding.

Sure, someone had to go extreme with it. You knew that was coming.

The following videos are a few examples of extreme snow sledding in Wyoming.

Don't try this unless you are stupid, or crazy, or both.


  • 1

    OUCH. That hurt.

    Very painful so we must do it again.

  • 2

    Do Not Attempt This

    The video has a warning so we don't have to write one for you.

  • 3

    Just Add Machines

    No hills? No problem. Lets pull the sled with something.

  • 4

    Young & Stupid

    We had more fun when we were young and stupid.

  • 5

    Hold My Beer

    Short, sweet, crash.

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