Wyoming's own castle might just be the oldest on Earth, and it is natural.

Castle Gardens Petroglyph Site is approximately 45 miles east of Riverton. It is an outcropping of sandstone eroded by wind into shapes that resemble the turrets and towers of castle. Tourist have been visiting the area for thousands of years. The first of these visitors left graffiti. Today we call them petroglyphs.

The earliest carvings were made around AD 1000 and AD 1250, appear on many of the rock art panels at this site. While the exact identity of the carvers is unknown, researchers theories suggest that the Athapaskan groups, related to the modern-day Navajo and Apache, are responsible for making the many shields found at the site.

Today's explorers can walk along a crushed gravel walking trails and cross foot bridges.

The video is from a family that took a weekend to explore and show us what they found.


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