There is the old furniture style that uniquely characterizes and marks the time period the old west. Then there is today's modern, handmade furniture, that can only come from Wyoming.

Many Wyoming craftsmen use what they find from the state's own natural landscape, and from that they handmake unique, one of a kind, furniture that, while a little more expensive, will be passed down through the family for generations.

Each corner of the state has its own shops, stores and styles. Here are three of our favorite styles we have noticed.

RUSTIC is one way to go, allowing the wood itself to dictate the shape and character of the piece.

AMISH furniture looks more traditional but holds surprises like secret compartments.

RANCH style for those who like the Wyoming logo or animal horns and bones for added accent.

Pick a style for your home, find it on the map, and make a weekend road trip out of exploring the shops and stores around Wyoming. They love visitors.

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