Cheyenne Frontier Days is a great place to bring the kids. There is so much going on that will interest them. There is so much they care learn.

But there are a few - um - questionable things that they might witness the will need a clever explanation from parents.

The purpose of this post is to offer a few creative explanations for some of the most common, awkward, questions kids have.

1). Don't worry dear, that smell just means the animals are healthy.

2). When a daddy bull want to give a mommy bull a hug he has to climb up on her back. They can't stand and do it like we do.

3). Mr. Cowboy is okay. He's just been ridding all day and decided to take a nap. See, his friends are caring him off to bed. He's fine.

4). Those people are drinking happy soda. The more they drink the louder they get. But it's only a big people drink. You have to drink the kid soda until you are older.

5). The reason we don't want you touching anything on the ground, or putting it in your mouth, is not just because we don't know where it has been, but because we are not sure what it is. So only take what we hand you. Better not to ask.

If you have any other creative explanations for your kids let us know by E-mailing us.

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