Here is an inside look to what it is like inside a B-17 when it is in the air. Special thanks to the KGAB listener who was nice enough to carry our camera on his flight and get use these amazing videos.

The Madras Maiden never saw combat. It was built as a trainer. After World War II,  it was sold for a mere $5000 and sent to some small Pacific islands to deliver fruit. But since the B-17 has little room to carry cargo it was sold again, and again, until it was finally purchased by a millionaire who started The Liberty Foundation. 

The Maiden is one of a few WWII era planes that tour the nation and offer free tours and tickets for flights. The last time The Liberty Foundation was in Cheyenne with a plane was 7 years ago.

Madras Maiden's tail gun turret was actually built at the very hanger she was parked next to at the Cheyenne airport. Because of that B-17 turrets were named The Cheyenne Turret.

Special thanks to Tony Teppert of Legend AeroServer at the Cheyenne airport for driving us around the runway to get the pest video shots of the Maiden taking off and landing.

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