Take a good look at the picture above. What do you see? A house, a telephone pole and some utility lines. Something in the backyard it seems. But nothing else. Nothing at all. Yet it is this nothing that some folks claim is "Wyoming." But how can there be a "Wyoming" if all you see is nothing?

People on the interweb have claimed Wyoming does not really exist. The state is a myth. Perhaps some would like to keep it that way. But evidence has been found that there might just be such a place out there.

Like photos of Bigfoot and UFO's, most of the photographic evidence of Wyoming is sketchy at best. Often the images are blurred or weirdly out of focus. But perhaps there are a few clues in these pictures.

EXHIBIT A: This old picture of Amelia Earhart was alleged to have been taken at an airstrip in Cheyenne, "Wyoming." If this is her, perhaps she went missing because no one knows where Wyoming is, not even Amelia.

EXHIBIT B: We are told that the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind was shot in this place called "Wyoming" at a site called "Devil's Tower." But the movie is fictional. So how do we know the site of the UFO encounters was real? Maybe the location was fictional too. But a recent debate has erupted over changing the name of this so-called "Devil's Tower." Does that mean the place might be real?

EXHIBIT C: Some guy on YouTube who is claiming that he is in Wyoming shoots video of something called a "tumbleweed." Though he shows us said "weed" he never shows his face. Furthermore, if you look closely as he pans the camera back and forth you will see NOTHING. Seriously there is NOTHING to see. He claims that this nothing is Wyoming. Good luck with that.

Clearly, this "Wyoming" probably does not exist.

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