The announcement of the immediate retirement of Evansville Police Chief Zach Gentile on Tuesday marks the fourth retirement among law enforcement heads in Natrona County since last summer.

In June of 2013, Natrona County Sheriff Mark Benton announced his retirement, citing health concerns as a reason.  A county elected official, Benton served nearly four terms as Sheriff.  Later that month, the Natrona County Board of County Commissioners appointed Gus Holbrook to be sheriff.  Holbrook took the reins of the Sheriff's office on July 1st of 2013.,

Sheriff Holbrook is currently the only permanent replacement of four area law enforcement agencies that have lost their department chiefs.

In November of 2013, the police chief for the Town of Mills, Jerry Endresen, retired from the force after serving as Mills Police Chief since 1990.  A search goes on for his replacement. In the meantime, Mills Mayor Marrolyce Wilson appointed Police corporal Bryon Preciado as interim Police Chief.

Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh officially retired last week.  Walsh had announced his retirement at the end of 2013.  The City of Casper is currently conducting a search for Walsh's replacement.  Police Captain Mark Trimble is serving as the interim Police Chief for the City of Casper.  Trimble has said that he's interested in applying for the permanent position.

Zach Gentile announced his retirement from the position of Evansville Police Chief Tuesday, effective immediately.  Evansville Mayor Phil Hinds appointed Police Captain Tom Laughrey to serve as interim Police Chief.

Law enforcement in Natrona County hasn't been the only thing to see leadership turnover in the last year.  In May of 2013 Casper Fire-EMS Chief Mark Young announced his retirement.  He was replaced by Kenny King, the former division chief of operations over 30 year veteran of Casper Fire-EMS.