March 2019 and Wyoming has been digging out of the worst blizzard since 1979.

Wyoming winds gather the worst of the snows in massive drifts around the state. Whatever might have happened in your yard, how about comparing it to some of the worst snow drifts ever recorded on Wyoming and posted on YouTube?

Here is some of what we could find.


  • 1

    Pine Bluffs Overpass

    A storm chaser shows us what got stuck under the I-80 overpass.

  • 2

    Bloody Turnip Snow Drift

    Casper Wyoming. No county maintenance.

  • 3

    Casper Neighborhood

    A storm a few years back locked this neighborhood down

  • 4

    Open Lands

    Here is how high it gets away from where people build

  • 5

    Blizzard of 49'

    Probably the worst storm ever recorded.

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