A blow-up Frosty the Snowman survived an attack by an intoxicated woman early Monday morning, according to a Casper Police report.

Two officers responded to a disturbance at 426 S. Center St., at 2:47 a.m. where a woman had come to a man's apartment in the building and barged inside.

The man said he heard banging on his door, opened it and Alexis Sue Burns pushed her way inside, unwelcome and unknown by him.

He asked her who she was, what was wrong, and she told him to "'sit the f--k down'" before he picked her up and pushed her outside. He locked the door, called police and described the younger woman who was wearing a black shirt and no coat.

She walked down a stairway and the man was able to hear her screaming and yelling outside and in the street.

Then it got really weird.

"Upon arrival, (the officer) observed the described female wrestling with a blow up snowman Christmas decoration in front of Magic City Stoves," according to the police report.

"As (the officer) pulled up in his patrol car, the female started running at (the officer's) vehicle and attempted to get inside of it but the doors were locked. (He) made contact with the female who was repeatedly screaming 'help me' and 'I want my mom.'"

The officer identified Burns, who appeared uninjured but very intoxicated. He smelled the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage when she spoke; her speech was slurred and loud; her eyes were bloodshot and glassy; and her balance was poor.

On top of that, she was scared.

Casper Police Department
Alexis Burns.  Casper Police Department

Burns asked "who those people were" and pointed to the decorative albeit apparently uninjured blow-up Frosty, according to the police report. "(The officer) informed Burns that it was an inflatable snowman and Christmas decoration. Burns stated 'OH' and became extremely relieved and was no longer scared."

She was no longer scared, but she wasn't cooperative, either.

The officer repeatedly asked her what was wrong and what she needed help with, but she only responded, "I'm not telling you."

He put her in the car because of the cold, asked her again why she needed help, and gave her an address and demanded she take him there as if he was a taxi or Uber service, according to the report. "Burns also made a number of incoherent statements about (the officer) taking her dad somewhere and that is what her God wanted him to do."

The officer wasn't getting much from Burns, so the other officer began asking her questions and she responded by screaming profanities at him.

Buns was taken into custody for public intoxication and malicious mischief, taken to the Natrona County jail, and was uncooperative with deputies who immediately put her in a cell.

Meanwhile, the inflatable snowman abides.

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