First, lets be clear that just because a road goes to nowhere, does not mean it's not a road worth taking.

Wyoming has many roads that just end with no apparent point to the destination. Maybe at some point in history they did have a purpose, but no one can seem to find it anymore.

With that in mind, here are five Wyoming roads to nowhere that are still worth taking.

Bar X Road or Sweetwater County Rd. 21. You can find it if you take Exit 152 off of I-80. It can be a little dusty and bumpy, but there are sights to see and some history. Emigrants following the Oregon Trail traveled across the Red Desert on part of that road. If you look, you can still see some of their tracks.

According to The Library Of Congress, there is an apparent "road to nowhere" in Sweetwater County, Wyoming. It was always a road to nowhere. It once rumbled with traffic as old U.S. 30, the "Lincoln Highway." The peak usage for that road was in the 1930s and '40s.

Bunker Road was surveyed around 1913. Go there today and you'll see very little, if any evidence of it. It's strange how it now parallels a private road and in a few places, traverses private land, crosses creeks and wetlands. Most bizarre is when it literally bisects a house. The county has talked about fixing the old road. The only problem is, it doesn't go anywhere.

One beautiful 'Road To Nowhere' is on the Southwest side of the Bighorn Mountains. Look up Hyattville, Wyoming. You'll wonder why anyone lives out there. Find County Road 52 and take it East toward the Bighorns. There's not point to the drive other than it is beautiful.

If you're on Interstate 180 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, you might of noticed something weird. It's about a mile long and has four stoplights. But I-180 doesn’t look anything like a freeway. It was completed in 1991, after 35 years of work, cost a total of $128.9 billion. Add inflation into the mix and that is $500 billion in today's dollars. For that much money the road could have gone some place.

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