"You ain't see crazy yet," said drake. Saliva dripped from his mouth as he spoke.

This is Drake's 3rd year at Cheyenne Frontier Days. In those three years he has caused a lot of young cowboys to eat dirt, and maybe a little manure.

"They score the cowboys on how long they can hang on," said Drake. "They toss in a few extra points for style. But did you know that they score the animals too? How hard of a ride did we give 'em. How aggressive and strong is the animal. But that's what the humans score."

"Among the animals we have a few more little items we like to mark. Like how high did we toss that cowboy. Did he land on his feet, face, or rump? Extra points for face planting or causing him to make a loud thud. How long did it take him to get back up? Things like that."

"Make no mistake, we take our jobs very seriously. No one want to go back to the pen with 8 seconds of pure embarrassment."

You can meet and talk to Drake the bull at Cheyenne Frontier Days all this week. You can't miss him. He's ugly, and has a smug expression.

"You cowboys listen up," huffed Drake. "I plan to bring home the trophy this year."

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