The top medical advisor in the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Dr. Anthony Fauci, recently took the time to thank Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon for his efforts to help prevent and slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

During last Friday's press briefing on the Coronavirus, Dr. Fauci said he had spoken with Gov. Gordon, along with Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson and was impressed by both of their efforts within their respective states.

Dr. Fauci stated:

I just want to give a shout-out to them because they are doing an extraordinary job...They are really committed to making sure that they don’t get into the situation where they will have spikes in their states...I really want to salute these governors...To hear what they’re doing and the commitment that they are putting into making sure that they don’t have the situations we have in other areas, that’s very important.

Gov. Gordon is one of only seven governors that have yet to issue a 'stay-at-home' order. However, other public health measures have been taken such as the closing of public schools and the restrictions of large gatherings of more than 10 people have been placed on businesses that provide personal services. Public gatherings of more than 10 people have also been prohibited for the time being.

According to Cowboy State Daily, Gordon's office responded in an emailed statement saying that Dr. Fauci's recognition of the state's efforts are appreciated and also reiterated that measures that have been taken to combat the spread of Covid-19 across the state, have been sufficient, up to this point in time.

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