Imagine my surprise to find out that the Cheyenne house I just moved into has a fallout shelter.

Surprise, was the first reaction, then as I inspected the creepy little room some 25 feet under the lawn at the side of the house, there was the idea that this might not be so unusual in this part of the country.

The attached video is of the shelter at my house. It is as creepy as they come.

Cheyenne's Historic Governors' Mansion has a fallout shelter. You can see it if you take a tour. Several old downtown business offices have them.

But what about homes? How many Wyoming homes have fallout shelters?

You can answer the question below without leaving your name or address. Some people don't want the rest of their neighborhood to know that they have one.

If you have one what did you do with it? Is it still a shelter? Workout room? Guest room? Panic Room? We will ask that another time.

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