Those who love a great cup of coffee will often spend more time looking for the perfect cup in the same way that some people look for the perfect mechanic or hair stylist or barber. So who has the worst?

There is also the matter of personal taste. Some like a bold roasted coffee, served black, brewed as thick as road tar. Some like something a bit lighter.


A poll asking who serves the best coffee in Wyoming is too obvious. Asking who serves the absolute worst coffee in Wyoming is much harder. There are so many restaurants and convenience stores that can't seem to figure out the simple technique of filtering hot water through grinds, and so many towns in Wyoming with lousy water, it is a tough call.

For the record, if you can see through the coffee pot then there is no coffee in the pot. Perhaps it is tea, who knows?

For the record, a mocha latte is not a cup of coffee. It's a milkshake with a little coffee added in.

For the record, the current champion of worst coffee in Wyoming can be found in the coffee pot in the break room of Townsquare media in Cheyenne, Wyoming, home of News talk 650 KGAB, KING FM and Cowboy Country 106.3. But that coffee is for employees only. We are not sure who is plotting against us.

So let's forget that coffee pot and focus on where you think you might have experienced the worst coffee in Wyoming.


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