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Former President Donald Trump recently endorsed three more Wyoming political candidates in addition to his pick for Wyoming's congressional seat, Harriet Hageman.

The former president on August 5 endorsed Chuck Gray for Secretary of State, Curt Meier for State Treasurer, and Brian Schroeder for State Superintendent.

In emails sent out on Aug. 5, Trump included states along with each endorsement.

For Shroeder, Trump said:

"The proud father of seven children, Brian is a Champion for Wyoming Families. He is working hard to Advance School Choice, Deliver Education Solutions for our Children, and Defend Parental Rights. He is also very strong on Energy Independence, Protecting our great Second Amendment, Borders, and Fighting Crime. Importantly, he totally supports Harriet Hageman and states, “Harriet exemplifies the Wyoming spirit – hardworking, fiercely independent, and cares deeply about the Wyoming people."

For Gray, Trump said:

"In the State House, Chuck has been a Powerful Champion for Election Integrity, Energy Independence, Strong Borders, and Fighting Crime. As Secretary of State, Chuck will fight hard to Ensure Voter ID, ban terrible Drop Boxes, End Ballot Harvesting, and Stop Fraud, Abuse, and other Voter Irregularities. He is also a big supporter of Harriet Hageman, who is working tirelessly to defeat the horrendous Liz Cheney."

Do these kinds of statements make you more inclined to vote for a particular candidate? Or on the flip side, are you less likely to support a candidate endorsed by Donald Trump? Or like many these days, do you disregard endorsements entirely, preferring to make up your own mind? Take our poll and give us your opinion!

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