It could be fact, fiction, or could also be myth or it could be history. Either way, it's been said that 'little people' existed in Wyoming after finding remains left behind.

While digging for gold in the San Padro Mountains of Carbon County, in the fall of 1932, two prospectors, Frank Carr and Cecil Mayne, while blasting their way, found a small room, once the dust settled. What they found in that small room was creepy.

According to these two men, in the small room, they found the mummy of a very small person.

When the mummy was finally x-rayed, experts came to the conclusion that is was the remains of what is known as an 'anencephalic infant', which means the child was missing a major portion of its brain.

But according to legend, some Native American tribes to include: the Cheyenne, Crow, Arapahoe and Sioux all believed that 'little people' roamed the earth.

To the Wyoming Shoshone tribe, they were known as Nimerigar, a small race of little people and, according to their legend, these little people attacked the Shoshone with tiny bows and poisoned arrows.

What do you think? Do you believe the legends of the Native Americans, that little people roamed the Cowboy State? Or do you believe the archeologists who say that it was a deformed baby?

We'll leave the conclusion in your hands.


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