Huskers rejoice as there’s now an airline that flies out of Denver to northwestern Nebraska. There must be market research that said that this route would be appreciated.

Well, they do have a Runza, so that’s good. DIA announced on June 21, 2021, that Southern Airways Express has joined the list of over 20 airlines to fly in and out of the Denver airport.

Southern has added a new route for the Rockies region that will be flying to Chadron, Nebraska, which is about 55 miles north of Alliance. I had a friend who grew up in Alliance, he loved Nebraska. I used to work at Runza in Loveland, so I became of fan of the state, to an extent, as well.

Looking at flights, Southern, which serves 36 cities, has a tiered fare system. If you want extra, you pay extra. If you just need to get there, they have economy; if you need to be able to change flights, carry more bags, etc, you pay more.  I browsed for a flight in August, and the cost was $49 up to $89.

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Maybe you’d be heading to Chadron to visit family attending Chadron State College, or maybe to check out Walgren State Park. They do have a Runza there, but there aren’t many other Runzas close to Chadron, so I’d recommend stopping in.

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