Desiree Brothe, the new Project Manager for the Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority, says one of her major goals is to convince business property owners in downtown Cheyenne to support a doubling of their current mill levy.

Although it hasn't been finalized by the Cheyenne City Council yet, the mill levy vote is proposed for October 20. DDA Board President Hans Seitz told the City Council Finance Committee on Monday the board is hoping those voting in the election will approve a 20 mill levy, compared to the current tax of ten mills to support the organization.

Each mill is one tenth of one cent, levied against business properties in the downtown area.  Seitz says the increased levy would raise about $310,000 to fund a variety of DDA operations.

Brothe, who has been on the job about five weeks, admits it may take some work to get a majority to go along with the increase. She says she wants people to know ''we are trying to make changes," adding she knows many people "have heard that time and time again."

She also admits the organization is by no means universally loved, adding the DDA "has it's supporters and it's opponents."

The Downtown Development Authority works to promote business growth in downtown Cheyenne. Critics of the group say it has done little to help downtown businesses and argue private businesses could do more to promote the area with the money that goes to the DDA.