Did you read the story yesterday where Cheyenne City Council President, Patrick Collins, said he was "angry" about extra costs associated with the controversial roundabout project planned for the Converse/East Pershing, 19th Street Intersection?  Apparently a "mistake" on the part of the City Engineer's office has cost the city some $21,175 in extra costs and now they're having to divide the project in two. It seems, once again the City bought two houses they didn't need.

It's difficult to understand why it has taken Mr. Collins so long to get upset about this. Where was he when the city bought two other houses they didn't need when they rebuilt the Norris viaduct? What's more baffling is that he is upset over just $21,000. This is a pittance compared to other money that the City has wasted over the years on "Mistakes". City engineer, Doug Vetter was quoted as saying that he thought the City had done their due diligence. Common sense dictates that is the problem. The City, more often than not, has failed to do it's due diligence on this and other projects and it's costing we, the taxpayers, good money after bad.

Doesn't it simply make sense for the City Council to exercise good management practices and demand that the City Engineer's Office do it's job right in the first place, and maybe it's time for the council to start voting "No" on paying again and again for the same kind of mistakes. Mr. Collin's righteous indignation would be better directed at those who are not doing the job they were hired to do.

Just sayin' :)


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