Laramie County District Attorney Jeremiah Sandburg is defending his office's decision not to pursue charges against Cheyenne Animal Shelter CEO Bob Fecht and two animal control officers in the pepper spraying of a dog last month.

Police say Fecht directed Eric Smale to pepper spray the dog -- an 80 pound pit bull named Tanner -- while Ryan Johnson held it. The incident occurred a day after Tanner bit employee Marissa Cox.

Police investigated the incident (click here to read their report) and recommended misdemeanor animal abuse charges last week, but Sandburg on Tuesday said there was "no evidence to support a finding of probable cause to file criminal charges."

"I've been after the Legislature for the last 10 years to fix the problems with the ethical treatment of animals here in the state of Wyoming," Sandburg told KGAB Radio.

"I'm not the only prosecutor in the state, but unfortunately the prosecutors are always the ones that get blamed when we have a scenario like this happen," he added.

Sandburg says he understands people are upset and is encouraging them to contact their elected officials to make their voices heard.

Meanwhile, the Cheyenne City Council is considering a resolution which would terminate the city's $505,000 agreement with the shelter for animal control and shelter services.

The Committee of the Whole will meet tonight at 6 p.m. to take public comment on the matter.

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