People shooting highway signs are costing Wyoming big money year after year. The state of Wyoming is about to replace 500 signs that have been peppered with holes.

Wyoming taxpayers end up paying for vandalized road signs because they’re funded with state money.

But what you are actually seeing is Wyoming residents performing a public service, at their own expense.

In case you have not noticed, Wyoming has some strong winds. If this fact has escaped you, would you please leave your address, below, I’d like to get on Google Earth so I can zoom in and see what rock you’re living under.

Unfortunately when city, county, and state governments in Wyoming order signs, those signs are made out of state. Those out of state companies cannot possibly understand Wyoming weather conditions.  That is why those signs do not come with perforations. I’m sure you have seen un-perforated signs rocking on a harsh gusty day.

Driven by a concern about the loss or damage of public property the ever vigilant Wyoming resident will, at his or her own time and expense, go out and add air holes to our local signs. This allows the Wyoming wind to pass through.

Yes, a sign that might have skipped and bobbed down the road to Nebraska or South Dakota because of the wind, will stay in Wyoming because of the “wind holes,” which are added by local concerned residents. 

Many states downwind of Wyoming make a lot of money capturing signs as they are blown east, recycling them, then selling them back to Wyoming.

So next time you see a street sign filled with wind holes, just smile and think about the hard-working patriot who is doing the right thing to save the taxpayers some added expense.

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